Version 0.63b released today

Version 0.63b released today

We have yet again updated the miner to version 0.63b. We are continuously working on the application and have done several improvements since last release.

Always check for latest version: AMD XMR Miner Downloads

Minimum Hash Feature

There is added a minimum hashrate + watchdog feature. This feature must be considered experimental, the minimum hashrate function can also work in automatic mode, by automatically setting recommended minimum hashrate after the miner have been running for a while, to activate this add command -m -1. By default, watchdog feature is activated, to deactivate this add command -m 0, or to have minimum hashrate and watchdog activated to any of your own hashrate set -m YOURMINHASHRATE.  (Considered as Experimental)

GPU Temp Monitoring

We have also added ability to display GPU`s temperatures when mining, this is included in hashrate reports. For now this feature is not active when using the miner in manual mode and information is not sent over JSON. This will be updated and included in a later release of the miner within a month.


There is also added optimizations for RX550 2GB Device, with a result of ~320 H/s @ only 28w.

Soft Closing Application

It have been reports that when closing the miner, issues with reset of AMD`s Wattman have happened and loss of overclockings have disappeared, therefor we have included the ability to softly release memory objects on your GPU to avoid this problem. To do this just use “q” on your keyboard when you want to quit, instead of Ctrl+C or whatever method you are currently using now. This does not work if the miner is in Daemon mode (will be fixed in a later release)  (Considered as Experimental)

In Miner Restart

Its been added ability to restart the miner by using “r” on your keyboard. This does not work if the miner is in Daemon mode. (Considered as Experimental)

– Added Device Temperature Readings
– Optimizations for RX550 2gb Devices. ~320 H/s @ 28w
– Added Watchdog feature (Consider as Experimental)
– Added Minimum hashrate feature (Consider as Experimental)
– Added Ability to Soft Shutdown GPU`s. (use “q” to quit application)
– Added Ability to Restart miner (use “r” to restart miner) (Consider as Experimental)

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