v0.64b is Patched for Awesome Miner support!

v0.64b is Patched for Awesome Miner support!

Some of the reasons of the release of v0.64b was to add Awesome Miner support, as they have added support for XMR-Stak miner from Awesome Miner v. 4.2.2.

Awesome Miner is a really, well Awesome controller for mining software and hardware that you can use on your Windows computer. It also supports external monitoring which is what we will do with AMD XMR Miner now.
AMD XMR Miner v0.64b have a patched Json API so that Awesome Miner can recognize it as it was an XMR-Stak miner. Lets guide you through, Awesome Miner is free to use with upto 2 miners.

Go over to Awesome Miner and download then install latest version, run the application.

Click on the “Add New Miner” in “Main” Section.

Click <Next> and Select “External Miner”, click <Next> again.

Configure the new miner as described above. Use XMR-Stak as software selection. Change Miner description to fit your needs, and change ip if you have the miner on another computer. If you are running the miner on the same computer as your software, you can use Change <4664> if you have changed the port in AMD XMR Miner, by default its 4664.

Click <Finish> to confirm this miner.

If AMD XMR Miner is not started, start it. After it have started, you will see it starts to update hashrate, accepted and rejected shares, uptime and estimated earnings.

You might have to Define Coin, as its starts with “Undefined Cryptonight” coin which may not be correct. You can do so by going to “Pools” in the miners overview, and click “Define coin…”

Select “Monero (XMR)” or another coin if thats not what you are mining.


Now all your informations should be up and going. Until now there is no way of controlling the miner from Awesome Miner, and it only works as a “External Miner” configuration, but we all hope this will be added in near future.

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