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Finally the Vega`s have arrived! These units features HBM2 High Speed Memory and as the Model says Vega architecture.

The Vega`s Utilizes a brand new High-Bandwidth Cache Controller, which is really promising. Both the Vega 56 and 64 Delivers just about the same performance when using them to mine Monero / XMR. Straight out of the box you should see about 1000 H/s, which is not really great for such an expensive card. Tweaking it a little bit by overclocking memory to ~1100MHz you can get around 1100-1250 H/s, wattage is about the same. You can downclock the card to save power, no problems running it at 900Mhz with same figures.
1100 H/s sounds good right? Yeah well, a couple more tweaks and you can go way beyond this, upto around 1900 H/s! But your system would need a couple things to make this work.

Its recommended to close applications such as GPU-Z, they can lower the hashrates quite a bit on the Vega`s. We recommend using HWiNFO instead, this have not affected Vega Cards during our test, disable GPU I2C Support under options before running it.

A couple simple steps to make your Vega speed up:

  • Go to “Device Management” in Windows
  • Open/Dropdown “Display Adapters”
  • For each Vega GPU you have, right-click and Disable then right-click again and Enable it.
  • Open AMD Settings panel
  • Go to Games -> Global Settings -> GPU(or global) Graphics -> Wattman.
  • Lower GPU frequency to 900MHz, adjust memory to 1025 MHz(VEGA 64) or 950MHz(VEGA 56), adjust fan to minimum 2000 RPM, set target temperature to 50c.

NOTE: This method means that its not limited to only 4 GPU`s any more.

The changes to Fan and Temperature target is because this method is very heavy for the memory on the cards, and temperature for memory will be much higher than GPU`s temperature.

From AMD XMR Miner version 0.61b, you can reach around ~1915 H/s with the settings above without any adjustments to the miner(Vega 64)

From AMD XMR Miner version 0.60b, you can reach around ~1900 H/s with the settings above without any adjustments to the miner(Vega 64)

We have been able to reach 2250 H/s on the Vega 64 GPU with our miner by tricking the drivers a bit further, but this caused a very high failrate with compute errors. You can go stable of between 2000-2050 H/s on a good card, but this will cost you about 1-2w for each H/s. If you dont mind the extra power usage and stress to the GPU, Set GPU Freq to 0%, Power limiter to about +10%, Memory upto 1100MHz(Vega 64). Remember to set a low target temperature.

Update 26.10.2017

Updated this KB to a easier method.

Update 15.10.2017

Read our post on editing registry to lower power usage and rise hashrate to ~2000 H/s. (Only for Blockchain Drivers)