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AMD XMR Miner have multiple command functions, some are more or less required, but the application can be started without any commands to it at all. But in order to receive money for your mining you would need to put at least your wallet to the execution. Lets start with a bare minimum:

amdxmrminer.exe -w <your monero wallet address>


Like this:

amdxmrminer.exe -w 46cTzwcxDdDXkXpk75NcnHP9tJ7fFpjWdCZtVqUKF4KycTRNncrcmMTYEVe7dsvMBHGRjC1BXMAKLA1StZy5gcyvNreirwg


Now, thats only a bare minimum. This will at least make sure that you are mining to your own Monero account. However, you might want to specify your own pool and password:

amdxmrminer.exe -w <your monero wallet address> -p <your pool address:pool port> -psw <your password for the pool, often just <x>>


Like this:

amdxmrminer.exe -w 46cTzwcxDdDXkXpk75NcnHP9tJ7fFpjWdCZtVqUKF4KycTRNncrcmMTYEVe7dsvMBHGRjC1BXMAKLA1StZy5gcyvNreirwg -p pool.supportxmr.com:7777 -psw x

Now you have a Monero miner for the pool you would like to use. This is basic, but functional for usage. Simplifying commands:

Instead of using <-w> you can use <–wallet>.
Instead of using <-p> you can use <–pool>.
Instead of using <-psw> you can use <–password>.

What other functions is it to it?