General Usage

How the program can be used

Finding Platform Index

The miner is based upon Open Computing Language(OpenCL) Platform and since OpenCL usually also is active for CPU`s, Integrated GPU`s and GPU`s it needs to find which platform AMD GPU`s are located on since this miner is specific for AMD. This miner does almost everything automatic, but in some cases it may not work as it should. You can then use this command:

amdxmrminer.exe –list_devices

This command will output every active OpenCL platform, and every device that is registered within those separate platforms. It does not matter if you dont have any AMD GPU`s active, it will still output other OpenCL platforms.

If you run into unknown errors using the ordinary Auto function, please report to us:


Select Port for JSON API

By default JSON API is activated on port 4664. This port can be changed to any other if it suits your application better, this can be done by using following command:

amdxmrminer.exe <OTHER COMMANDS AS ABOVE> –port <your decided port. Recommended to keep it above 1000>

Shorten command: -wp <your port>

You can find more information on JSON API HERE


Logging to File

The miner is able to log everything in output to a file, but this is not activated by default. You would need to define this at execution, like this:

amdxmrminer.exe <OTHER COMMANDS> –logfile <amdxmrminer.log>

Shorten command: -lf <yourfile>

This will ensure that AMD XMR Miner will try to write to the file amdxmrminer.log. This filename can be changed to whatever you would like.


Command Usage

AMD XMR Miner have multiple command functions, some are more or less required, but the application can be started without any commands to it at all. But in order to receive money for your mining you would need to put at least your wallet to the execution. Lets start with a bare minimum:

amdxmrminer.exe -w <your monero wallet address>


Like this:

amdxmrminer.exe -w 46cTzwcxDdDXkXpk75NcnHP9tJ7fFpjWdCZtVqUKF4KycTRNncrcmMTYEVe7dsvMBHGRjC1BXMAKLA1StZy5gcyvNreirwg


Now, thats only a bare minimum. This will at least make sure that you are mining to your own Monero account. However, you might want to specify your own pool and password:

amdxmrminer.exe -w <your monero wallet address> -p <your pool address:pool port> -psw <your password for the pool, often just <x>>


Like this:

amdxmrminer.exe -w 46cTzwcxDdDXkXpk75NcnHP9tJ7fFpjWdCZtVqUKF4KycTRNncrcmMTYEVe7dsvMBHGRjC1BXMAKLA1StZy5gcyvNreirwg -p -psw x

Now you have a Monero miner for the pool you would like to use. This is basic, but functional for usage. Simplifying commands:

Instead of using <-w> you can use <–wallet>.
Instead of using <-p> you can use <–pool>.
Instead of using <-psw> you can use <–password>.

What other functions is it to it?


What does it Cost?

The Miner is free to download for anyone, however it does come with a Current developer fee of just below 2%.

That means for the first 100 minutes, the miner mines for developer about 1 minute for developer (that`s 1%), and for every 100 minutes after the first 100 minutes it mines 2 minutes for developer (that`s 2%).

This means that the miner will provide hashes for developer around one minute each hour. Isn’t that a small price to pay for this useful miner?