Change Log

AMD XMR Miner Change log

Downloads can be found HERE.

v0.63b 20.10.2017

  • Added Device Temperature Readings
  • Optimizations for RX550 2gb Devices. ~320 H/s @ 28w
  • Added Watchdog feature (Experimental)
  • Added Minimum hashrate feature (Experimental)
  • Added Ability to Soft Shutdown GPU`s. (use “q” to quit application)
  • Added Ability to Restart miner (use “r” to restart miner) (Experimental)

v0.62b 15.10.2017

  • Slightly Optimized Vega Performance
  • Bug fixes

v0.61b 14.10.2017

  • Added better support for Vega Devices. + ~1% H/s
  • Devfee reduced to flat 1.5%
  • Added ability to adjust Devfee using command <-do X.X> or <-do X>
  • Ability to specify worksize for each GPU.
  • Minor bug fixes

v0.60b 09.10.2017

  • Added better support for the new Vega Devices. Registered stable hashrate of upto 1960 H/s
  • Changes to the code have been done to be optimize all AMD Cards better. Ellesmere devices generates around ~50 H\s more on same power usage than earlier version.
  • Added more information on list devices function
  • Added in-application usage help
  • Added ability to disable separate devices
  • Minor changes on information output
  • Minor fixes

v0.58b 06.10.2017

Initial Public Release of AMD XMR Miner.